What Pixel Scrapper needs is...

the ability to leave quality control feedback when you have purchased a kit or bundle

I searched for information about this... I apologize if this has already been requested and I didn't see it.

I went to post (positive) quality control feedback for some items that I received in a bundle and had used in a layout, but was unable to leave that feedback. The system showed a note that said I needed to download the item before I could leave feedback. I had downloaded those items - just not individually. They came in a bundle. Thanks for considering this change.

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  • Renee Clark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I meant "downloaded" not "purchased." I guess I'm so used to having to purchase everything, that word automatically comes to mind. :D Thank you, BTW, for being a website that is so giving. I will do my best to give back.

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