What Pixel Scrapper needs is...

Integrate more of a social media experience onto PixelScrapper

I think PixelScrapper is a beautiful community, maybe we could make it even more personalized?

Here ar ea few ideas on the top of my head:
** Be able to "friend" people
** Choose what is public and what is private (everybody, only friends, no one) on your profile

** Add these to the profile (again, you could choose to make this public, private or semi-private) :
- Favorite projects, kits, bundles, galleries, etc. (or see what a person "hearts")
- do a "CURRENTLY" every month :
Currently reading, watching, listening to, celebrating, feeling, scrapbooking (OF COURSE!)

Currently reading : Haruki Murakami
Currently watching : Twin Peaks
Currently listening to : Pink Floyd
Currently planning : what we will eat next week
Currently celebrating : my first month not smoking
Currently thinking : about 1000 things at once!
Currently feeling : super energetic
Currently scrapbooking : my daughter's children's birthday parties

** See somebody's hometown next to his/her name when he/she comments on something or writes in a forum
(for example, a comment could look like this:
Audrée Florence (Montreal, Canada) 3 min. ago
Thank you so much !)

** Be able to "search" for someone in particular

So, basically, I would try to make this community one where people can become "friends" based on their interests and where people want to update their info every month + come more often to speak with friends & new people, not only to download. For more private people, they could make the info private so only their chosen "friends" could see what they're up to.

I really love how people are nice and helpful here, maybe a way to connect users with each others directly could be a good thing?Maybe you could see more info about someone when you become their friends... I don't know, it's just an idea.

God, I wrote a novel, I'm sorry... :S

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