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how to put colours together

Ideas on how to put items together in order to make cards as this is what I struggle with but I do try thank you

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  • Mary Jackson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like to take a them and/or colors from something I see that I like. Such as a painting, piece of clothing, fabric, outdoors. I may use several things I like, or only one or two.

    I just started using "PlaidMaker" free online and am now matching plaids to cards I have made It's a lot of fun and has helped me really look at what I'm trying to match. You can also make stripes and twill patterns. I also line the envelopes with it. They don't always turn out - I put them in a " dead box" and will some day think of a way to resurrect them. I also like to jazz things up once in a while with matching color self adhesive rhinestones, or pearls for something very classy or simple. Or on baby cards. I like lace that I rub colored pastels on the edges to match with other colors.

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