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Add black+white as a color search option

Add black & white as a singular color option (in whatever wording works best for the search) in addition to two separate colors. I'm using only B&W papers in an album I'm working on & it's surprisingly hard to narrow the search down to find papers that are only B&W. Usually my results are (depending on what I put in) all the paper templates &/or every paper with black &/or white listed as one of the colors, most of which aren't B&W only papers.

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  • Rose Thorn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm out of votes but have long felt that this was a good idea, as "Black & White" have long been known and used as a pair {in so many things).

    An alternative could be to allow more specific search features (like, "must include...; "exclude any with...", etc.}

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