Subscriber and Patron status explained

You might see terms like "Subscriber" or "Patron" thrown around when browsing Pixel Scrapper or perusing user profiles; we realize that these different statuses can cause a bit of confusion, so here's a bit of explanation about these terms:

Basic Free Membership
Anyone who creates a free account at Pixel Scrapper is considered to be a Pixel Scrapper member. Members can download up to five free graphics from the site every day using free daily download credits, they can apply for gallery access (so they can upload layouts to the gallery), and they also have full access to our forums and community support. All of this is completely free.

"Donators" are members who have donated to Pixel Scrapper. They get extra download credits in return, and the ability to download full kits (rather than just individual graphics) with their credits. A big thanks to all our donators!

"Subscribers" are members who have signed up for unlimited downloads from Pixel Scrapper. For more information about our unlimited download subscription plans (starting at just $10), visit .

"Patrons" are paying subscribers who have been subscribed for more than six months, or chosen yearly payment when subscribing for unlimited downloads. These members get special privileges, including access to archived items from our "Patron Vault", completely unthrottled downloading of all graphics, kits, and bundles on Pixel Scrapper, priority support, and early access to new site features and enhancements. These long-term supporters are the ones who really allow Pixel Scrapper to survive and thrive from month to month. If you like Pixel Scrapper, and believe in what we stand for, please consider becoming a long-term subscriber yourself!

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