Access Denied when trying to download sale bundle

If you are receiving an "access denied" message when clicking on your bundle download link after purchasing a bundle sale, the issue is likely that you have more than one Pixel Scrapper account, either because you created multiple accounts yourself, or because another account was created for you automatically based on your primary PayPal email address when you made payment for the sale (if your primary PayPal email address is not the same as your usual Pixel Scrapper email address).

Before attempting any of the steps below, please log out of by visiting this link:

Next, please check the bundle download email that was sent to you after your sale purchase (search your email for "bundle download" to find it). If there is a username and password given in that email, make sure to log in with the username and password that are given there. Note that these may be different from your usual Pixel Scrapper account username and password.

If the bundle download email simply says to log in with your Pixel Scrapper username and password, try searching your email client for any past bundle sale emails (again, search for "bundle download"), and see if any of those past emails include a username and password to log in with. If so, please try that username and password.

If you can't find any login information in any past bundle purchase emails, then you probably simply have more than one Pixel Scrapper account, and are attempting to log in with an email address that is not associated with your bundle purchase. Please consider any other email address that you may have used at any point to create a Pixel Scrapper account, and also consider your primary PayPal email address, and see if you can log in with any of those. If you get a message saying that the email address was found, but the password is incorrect, then click on the link to reset your password, and try downloading the bundle again with this email and password.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us and send me a list of every email address that you can think of that you may have used at any point to create a Pixel Scrapper account, as well as your primary PayPal email address, and I will manually search our records and see if I can find the account that is associated with your bundle purchase.

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